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A little ( more ) about me.  I am a Wife, Momma of two girls and one boy in heaven. An Adventure lover, a wanna-be homesteader, although so far I have not mastered keeping plants alive. LOL. Photography is something I have always loved! Because photographs hold and tell stories of emotion, memories, times long past with people you never want to forget.
As a kid I would go through massive amounts of Kodak film cameras, play with an old tri-lens windup video camera, and often if the family point and shoot went missing....you'd find it in my bedroom. 
Beyond photography, wife-life and motherhood, I love writing, and I love horses. If I could do anything for life, I would probably load my family into a dually king-cab, with a camper/horse trailer pulled behind and travel all over the the States and Canada to see and experience everything we could! 
But as far now, I am SW Virginia mountain based and travel every chance I get!! 

Owner and lead photographer of HR+L! 


bike rides

Earth Tones inspired by my surroundings

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Find Your Roar - my original business name, was and IS born on the passion and desire to help others see the beauty and strength within themselves. 
In mid 2020, three months into the pandemic I had my second earth-side baby, I struggled majorly with PPD + PPA + PPOCD. Among that and the social pressure to get back to 'better' than my pre-pregnancy, I was struggling. 
Then, I picked up my camera again. Suddenly I started finding beauty, strength and life in my surroundings, self and others. Not to sound photog cliché, I saw life through a new lens. 
Find Your Roar is not just the name for what I plan to use in the birth world, but the reminder that we are powerful, to empower others, build them up and help them Find their own Roar.