Welcome, y'all!.

Mel here. I'm a believer in Jesus, love, and building you up during sessions! I'm also a wife, momma, and creative + photographer.

A few little fun facts about me:
YES to...decaf americanos with steamed almond milk
adventures, hiking, travel, and capturing memories for your generations to come!
books on books on books.
motorcycles, classics, & old trucks (or really anything with an engine. Mechanic's wife here!)
NO to...
anything overly sweet
boring lives
late nights with a TV on

And lastly, I'm determined to learn how to grow and keep plants alive and flourishing!!

What makes a HR&L client?


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I'm Mel 

If you are someone who loves to laugh with your person, who craves adventure (whether that's found in the quiet moments at home or the mountaintop moments both near and far), if you want to celebrate your biggest wins, you might be a HR & L client.

I want to help you document all your big life wins:
- The WEDDING of your dreams
- The BIRTH of your child
And the intimate sacred bits of the everyday:
- Cooking and playing with your babies
- Spending time at your home with your partner
- Working at the things you love

Do you love lifestyle mixed with unique editorial and candids? 
Do you love LOVE and want to showcase it in your home? 

HR+L Clients are these and SO MUCH MORE! You are the heartbeat of this business, passion and why HR+L exist.

I love being able to assist my clients with styling for their sessions, you're experience truly matters. You should leave your session feeling light, happy and more in love than when you arrived. You may hold a kiss for what feels a little too long,  but you're just building more love. ;) 
Wondering what magic we can create together?
 Continue to the Investment page or go ahead and contact us now to get started! 

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