Creatives you are welcome to this space. When I have the chance to help you build a concept and see it come to life with you, keeps the fire and inspiration going.

Neutrals, Adventure, FUN, Laughter, LIFE self-confidence boosts, playing with your partner, remembering tiny fingers and butterfly kisses, telling your Birth story with photos, I'm your girl. 

xox, Mel 

I want others going through difficult times to see the strength they have. Capturing small intimate memories between mothers and children, a fathers hands. A sweet kiss of a Bride and Groom. Each and every client has a reason, a story and memory to embrace.
If you want to feel empowered in your skin, I will be your hype you up all the way! Are your babies growing and you want to remember each and every tiny detail? Birthing and breastfeeding moms, couples, singles, Brides and Grooms! Let us help you tell your story through the timeless feeling of imagery.

HR+L Photography

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These gals can seriously make your day! Pick wisely, which friend is going to crack the jokes? Who is going to fix your veil if the wind grabs it? Who is going to be the one in the bathroom holding your dress for you? Who is going to dance their heart out like your back in your room at college listening to 90's pop?!!

an amazing bride tribe


The Dress, the florals, the venue, the cake, everything that goes into your day is special! So HR+L will be sure to capture each and every thing! 

gorgeous planning


Not one couple I've ever met has the same story. Each one is unique and that's what we want to showcase and capture for you. 

a strong love story


Of course if you are getting married, you already have this! On to step 02!

a partner


A fun, lighthearted couple, who truly cares about capturing your memories. three years from now you'll be sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reach for your Wedding album. Who will you see that makes you laugh? Will it be the best man with his goofy expressions? The way you and your Maid of Honor danced while getting ready? Who will be the one to make you smile sweetly? Grandma? 
If you want to Elope and spend a whole day with the individuals closest to you, or even just the two of you, let's plan it and do it! I will be with you each step.
Check out the our                  page for more information on booking us as your photographer.

what makes a HR+L Wedding couple



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